Wall mounted gas boiler and heating terminal with the use of only practical

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The current market is more gas hanging stove, gas heating over the head, crossed the pipeline into each room will be repeated, the heat radiator, complete the warm family. Suitable for duplex room or villa.
Advantages: high heat dissipation capability, a wall mounted gas boiler for 120~300 square meters of housing, can be adjusted at the same time also need hot water heating. High body comfort.
Advantages: large initial input, the boiler must be 24 hours.
Cost: gas bigualu decent over the two modes of heat radiation, a wall mounted gas boiler is generally a warm radiator.
The wall mounted gas furnace + radiator: gas hanging stove value between 10000~13000 yuan, 2600 yuan for general radiator. To 120 square meters of housing, the cost of between 23000~25000 yuan, hot water to burn at room temperature can be maintained at 18 degrees C at 70 degrees c,
The gas boiler heating heating +: This is the most comfortable, but the only building indoor wall mounted gas boiler or marble floor, not building wood floors, clean room, the kitchen can not use. The value of your warm radiator 30% inside and outside, with 120 square meters of housing plans, the cost of 26000~29000 yuan, but the cost of heating can save 20%, once the heating season is about 1700~2000 yuan.

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