Wall mounted gas boiler system frequent off pressure or without pressure is going on?

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Reason: the gas boiler heating system in the long run, to some extent the pressure drop is a normal phenomenon. Cause of this failure mainly has two ways: one is because the pipe heating system closed lax, the lack of pressure drop caused by leaking system; the other is the lack of gas or the expansion tank expansion tank is too small.
Solution: if the problem is caused by the previous situation, the system will continue to reduce the pressure. The need to install the system of heating system for pressure check, find leak after repair, to solve the problem after replenishment system. If the situation is caused by the latter, the owners can observe this: when the gas boiler does not work when the system pressure is low, once the heating function is running, the pressure will be greatly improved, the rising amplitude is relatively large, the pressure exceeds the limit value, the safety valve to discharge. The solution is to refill the expansion tank or add the system expansion tank.

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